Dean Germain

Dean Germain is a mortgage originator with over 16 years of experience in the home finance industry. He has worked all aspects of the mortgage industry as a mortgage originator, account executive, mortgage broker and mortgage banker. Dean owned and managed his own mortgage company and managed a title office for a year. This vast range of experience has given him extensive knowledge of the entire mortgage process.

As a mortgage professional, Dean sees it as his job to provide his customers with the best customer service available. They need to be well-informed and constantly updated. Whether a real estate professional or his customer, it is critical throughout the process to make sure everyone is informed of any status changes. Whatever the progress or issues that may arise, the more all parties are aware, the less stress there is throughout the process.

Real estate professionals can count on Dean to not only qualify their borrowers, but to inform them of all their options and which loan is best for their scenario. The lowest rate is not always the best option, as rate is just one factor in the cost of a loan. By looking at the entire financial picture of an agent’s customer and actually educating them on their options, Dean can help ensure that an agent has a satisfied lifelong customer and that he has a referral source.

If you would like to learn more about Dean’s services, or need to pick his brain, do not hesitate to call.